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Socorro y Gladiz

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Introducing Socorro and Gladiz, from our Shipping Department

Presentando a Socorro y Gladis, desde el Departamento de Shipping

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Vision Expo East 2023!

We had such an awesome time at Vision Expo East this year! With an excellent turnout, it was great putting faces to names, meeting new people and catching up with old friends and colleagues. There was so much happening, it was hard to see everything, but we had a great weekend and have included some of our favorite moments here!

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mh thinning, lenticularization

In-house MH Thinning is a lenticularization process developed to minimize lens thickness and weight. This process minimizes the edge thickness for minus Rx lenses and the center thickness for plus Rx lenses. The MH Thinning process does not affect the optical zone (area of optimal optical quality), but modifies the curvature of the lens outside of this area to reduce thickness.

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