Tips On Tints

In our continued exploration of sunglasses we have looked at many aspects of tinted lenses, including the types of tints, lens colors, and densities. These lenses are a fashion statement, are helpful in various situations, and are popular right now. While these are great options for your patients, there are some key things to know when ordering tints that might impact the final result. 

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Polarized Lenses

Women’s eye health and safety month continues with polarized lenses! When choosing sunglasses it is important to get the right kind. Polarized sunglasses are great when it comes to protecting the eyes!

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mh thinning, lenticularization

In-house MH Thinning is a lenticularization process developed to minimize lens thickness and weight. This process minimizes the edge thickness for minus Rx lenses and the center thickness for plus Rx lenses. The MH Thinning process does not affect the optical zone (area of optimal optical quality), but modifies the curvature of the lens outside of this area to reduce thickness.

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