Meet Our Team

Ryan Heath Meet our Team

Introducing Ryan Heath, Production Manager How long have you worked for MH Optical? 2 years. What do you do at MH Optical? Maintain machines and keep production flowing. What do you like about working for MH Optical? MH is a great, fast paced working environment! We have multiple departments in 2 buildings that require constant…

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In The Lab: Look at our AR Coating Facility

We would like to give our customers a little inside look and understanding of the in house Anti-Reflective (AR) coatings we provide. We offer our own coatings: ARP, SET, Carat Advantage and Granite. We also offer the entire Crizal line in our facility. Unlike our surfacing department, automation and robotic machines are not a big…

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Transitions® XTRActive® New Generation protects your eyes

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Eye health is important and today people are more aware and ready to take action in protecting our eyes from bright light and blue light. Bright light situations can cause blinding glare and long term exposure can impact our eye health and lead to the development of cataracts, eye cancer, pterygium, and macular degeneration. Blue…

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