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Exceed Deluxe is a more basic digital progressive design that is a great option for its value. The iForm is an enhanced digital progressive that can be fully compensated to the wearer and their selected frame. It is designed for sharp vision, a large reading area, and smooth progression from distance to reading. 

iForm is an excellent and popular choice for wearers who are accustomed to premium progressive designs.

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Prevencia and Kodak Total Blue are what we provide for Blue Light coatings. We also provide the Vision Ease Blue Filter, BluTech and Essilor's Smart Blue Filter lenses that have the protection in the actual material and may be ordered with or without AR coating.

All of the following designs are available with one or more of the above Blue Light options:

  • iForm Progressives in CR-39, Trivex, Poly, 1.60, and 1.67
  • Exceed Deluxe Progressives CR-39, Trivex, Poly, 1.60, and 1.67
  • Surfaced SV in ALL materials
  • Stock SV (in CR, Poly, and 1.67)
  • ALL Varilux Progressives
  • ALL EyeZen
  • ALL Shamir designs

We provide ALL Crizal coatings. For more information on these coatings visit

Premium Coatings

Granite Package: Our house brand high-end coating gives patients everything they expect from an AR – durability, smudge and dirt resistance, and a dipped scratch-resistant foundation, backed with a 2-year warranty. Granite comes with a classic green reflex color.

Carat Advantage: An upgrade to the popular Super ET, Advantage offers a superior scratch, smudge, and dirt resistant topcoat. It has a 2-year warranty and a blue reflex color.

Standard Coatings

ARP: Our house brand standard AR. Affordable and effective, ARP has a classic green reflex color and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Super ET: Big name with a little price tag, Zeiss SET has a blue reflex color and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Yes! Our lab has the technology and equipment to fulfill high and complicated Rx’s. However, the rare occasion that we are unable to finish the Rx in-house, we have resources to complete the order. You will be notified if your job must leave our facility due to its complexity, keeping you updated on the status of the job. Learn more about high or difficult Rx's in our lab:

We manufacture all lenses based on the Rx. Higher the minus, flatter the base and vice versa. We generally try to keep the curve as flat-as-possible without sacrificing visual quality.

Base curves are also very dependent on frame curvature. For example, most sports/wrap frames require a high base curve. This is true even for higher minus prescriptions.

If you are in need of uncut lenses for a sport/wrap frame please clock the curve of the demo lenses. Not all Rx’s will work well in wrap frames, and even if we can make it work it still may not be ideal. We always recommend talking to your patients about the best frame for their Rx.

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