Blue Light Lenses

blue light

Blue light eye protection is all the rage, so many products are claiming to protect wearers eyes from the harmful rays that could impact a person’s vision. Therefore it is important to understand blue light and what these lenses actually offer, so you can properly educate your patient and offer them some of our great UV options for both indoor and outdoor uses.

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iForm™ Drive Specifics

Driving with glasses

Not all lenses are designed specifically for driving, which can cause problems for drivers. Some common problems for drivers is the inability to focus on objects at different distances, blurry peripheral vision, and visual fatigue. This can impact how a person is driving and their response times. With our iForm IOT task specific lenses we have a solution for drivers. Take a look at our iForm™ Drive Specifics.

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All About Lens Tints

all about lens tints

With all these bright and sun filled days that are spent outside, it makes everyone aware of the need for some shade. Since we cannot add sunscreen to our eyes, we have to rely on sunglasses to help. However, it is important to keep in mind that sunglasses and tinted lenses should be worn year round, anytime there is extended periods of outdoor exposure. Tints reduce the amount of light that hits the eye to protect them from harmful rays from the sun. There are many options when deciding which type of tints to offer your patients and this week we are taking a look at all of them!

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