Bring your vision into focus

Personalized Progressive Lenses with Digital Ray-Path® Technology that offers superior visual comfort

iForm Lenses
iForm uses Digital Ray-Path® Technology

Scientific advancement is an endless process and your eyeglass lenses are no exception.

iForm™ Progressive

  • An ideal all-purpose lens that offers:
  • Widest field of vision
  • Smoothest transition from distance to reading
  • Visual comfort that reduces eye strain and neck pain
  • Helps improve posture
  • Natural vision
  • Customized to your lifestyle
  • Task Specific Features

iForm™ Camber™

The most advanced free-form progressive lens that offers:

  • Camber™ and Digital Ray-Path® technologies
  • Largest distance and intermediate zones, a very wide near zone to give perfectly balanced vision through all zones
  • Extended visual fields
  • Minimal lateral distortion

iForm™ Single Vision

  • The best digital SV lens that offers:
  • Fully customizable lens
  • Great for reading on digital devices
  • Sharp vision in all gaze directions

Why Pick the iForm™?

Digital Ray-Path® Technology

A foundational technology used in the iForm™ lens that offers the latest in lens personalization technology and helps customize for the individual wearer to reduce oblique aberrations in personalized and compensated free-form lenses.

Blue light options

Our modern lifestyles have created new risks to our eye health. Harmful Blue Light (HBL), is naturally emitted by the sun, however we are exposed to it indoors like never before. Smartphones, televisions, computer screens, and fluorescent lights.

iForm™ is available with options to filter out HBL to reduce macular degeneration, cataracts, sleep disruptions, headaches, eye strain and discomfort, and other ailments.

Other features:

  • RX compatible with high prescriptions
  • Offers the least restrictions on frame style
  • Is a great option for sports frames
  • Distortion and Blurriness elimination

iForm™ Workspace (Desk, Office, Conference) Specifics

A lens for office and computer work, iForm™ Workspace lenses offer extremely wide intermediate and near vision zones. These lenses are made to comfortably position your neck and head to view the desk and computer clearly.

iForm™ Drive Specifics

Lenses designed for frequent drivers, the iForm™ Drive Specifics incorporates a night vision zone that compensates for refractive error difference between day and night, reduces visual fatigue, and has a wide visual zone.

Lenses designed for frequent drivers reducing visual fatigue
Digital Ray-Path is a registered trademark of Indizen Optical Technologies S.L.U.
Camber is a trademark of Younger Mfg. Co.

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