Full-Service Optical Lab: Surfacing, Edging, and AR Coating

“One of our goals is to make our accounts aware of the many benefits our laboratories provide. Our accounts want to provide better vision to their patients. By providing better lenses to our accounts, everyone in the chain is satisfied.” – CEO and President, Mitchel Hirsch

Customer Service: The face of our company is within our Customer Service, so we bring to you helpful employees making ordering a breeze! Call us today!

Surfacing: We have top notch surfacing equipment that provides accuracy and quality in our products, providing Total Quality Management in all we do. Our lab is constantly going through upgrades and changes to keep us competitive within your needs.

Edging: Our edging department offers custom tints, assembly and repairs. We use block less edging on our MEI to satisfy fast turnaround of quantity and quality. With our state of the art MEI we are capable of edging even the most difficult of jobs at your convenience.

AR Lab: Our on sight AR laboratory offers fast, custom coatings giving our customers durable lenses while creating the clearest vision possible. Our custom AR formulas offer colors ranging from blue, green, to gold. We also provide mirrors and flash mirrors. Our AR department is set up to receive your outside optical lenses to add coatings as needed!

Lens Inspection and Quality Control: Our lenses are checked multiple times throughout the surfacing process to ensure quality control. Each job is hand inspected before leaving our facility. We check our jobs with only high end lensometers, such as the FocoVision by Automation and Robotics to ensure accuracy.